Sub $100 gaming case?

My head is swimming with case choices! I am looking for a case for an AMD gaming build, lower end stuff, single GPU. I want external USB, audio, Firewire and SATA (if possible). I want something with a little style but not too show or flashy. I am looking to spend about $100 without the PSU. Any suggestions?
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  1. Antec Nine Hundred is one of the most popular gaming cases and it's at the top of the list:

    The rest of the list consists of 157 pc cases between $75.00 and $100.00 at
  2. I would have to say get the Cooler Master 922

    It is huge for a mid-tower case, it is very spacey and durable (made of steel)
    Has free shipping from Newegg right now also!

    You should really consider this case!

    Oh yeah and if you want to spend $40 more ($140)

    You can get the full tower 932

    It is soooo big and has everything you stated above^^^

    $20 off right now so it is $140, with free shipping
  3. I ended up getting...the Cooler Master 922!!

    Good choice :)
  4. bigcanoe said:
    I ended up getting...the Cooler Master 922!!

    Good choice :)

    Nice, You won't be disappointed!

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