Components for a First WC Build

My case is a Corsair 600T White Edition, so, to avoid headaches (for me) Please post whether your sure if the equipment will fit.

So... In much much much much much much thought over the past few weeks, instead of getting a Rasa 240 Kit, I've decided just to build my own.... With 220(?)$ Worth of headroom. I want to buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to save $$$ for better parts. Before I pull the trigger on this though, I want some opinions from you wise peoples at Tom's Hardware.

I prefer to get a single loop system. For now, I just want to cool my CPU with headroom for a GPU cooling upgrade. (Will get more radiators for that purpose when the time comes)

Here are the parts that I might buy: (Subject to change)

Swiftech MCP35X

(?) No idea. Preferably one that will be able to fit my pump?

MCR220-XP Radiator OR a XSPC RS240

Waterblock (CPU):
Apogee XTL


Barbs and Fittings:

My Specifications:

Intel Core i5 2500k Processor

XFX 6850 1GB (Upgrade?)

Asus P8Z68V-Pro

Power Supply:
Corsair HX750

Sorry for the massive amount of "Enters", just wanted everything to look neat. :pt1cable:
Anyway, all my parts are subject to change, and I am open to new ideas.

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  2. I would suggest going with this complete kit.

    It's got everything you need and you can always upgrade as you go.
  3. The pump on the Rasa is a bit weak, and when I implement my GPU cooling, it won't suffice for it, and I'll need to upgrade BOTH the Reservoir and the Pump. Plus the RX Radiator is too big for my case.
  4. It's not necessarily 'weak', but if you are going to be spending that kind of cash it's something to consider. There are a lot of people that use the Rasa RX360 and just add a water block to would work just fine; even the RS version of this kit should be ok unless you want to really overclock. It all depends on how much bigger your loop is going to get past there. The Rasa X20 pump in the kits is fairly decent and will push through 1-2 GPU blocks. You have to consider that the CPU block is the most restrictive block in your loop (unless you run chipset or RAM blocks for some reason), GPU blocks are considerably less restrictive and rads are the least restrictive.
  5. Perhaps. I just want a fair amount of headroom for upgrades down the road. I've read some reviews which say the X20 Pump in the Rasa has a tendency to short out and cause fires in the system.
  6. I've read only 1 person stating that, and there wasn't really much validation..and how does a water pump start fires? Link me some of these issues...I'm curious...haven't heard more than just a couple weak rumors. I've heard of a few issues where it has shorted, but really only because the wiring got pulled and stripped around and inside the pump housing, but even this seemed like it wasn't common at all.
  7. I've heard these only from youtube videos, but it WAS from the wires being stripped inside the housing.
  8. It really wouldn't cause a fire, though. It would take a substantial amount of electricity to cause an electrical fire inside of plastic for a sustained amount of time. The fact that it likely caused a short with a brief 'burn' of the wiring and some black marks on the plastic hardly means it was a fire. If anything, the PSU would probably kick off due to safeguards and prevent it from causing more than the small 'puff' of smoke.
  9. That's true. I still want a more powerful pump for my purposes. (Maybe it's because I'm stubborn or just want to show off with my other watercooled friends.) So I will probably stick with the MCP35X.

    What is your opinion of the Reservoir that is an optional attachment with the 35X?
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    If it is the cylindrical one I'm thinking- its looks nice. I know that one of the biggest positives on the 35x is that the stock top performs really, really well. However, I don't think the res would have any noticeable impact on the pump's performance. You could see some minor improvements with some aftermarket tops, but a top is different than a res, so that may/may not have any tangible impact. Any DDC pump top should fit the MCP35x as it is based on the DDC pump design and screw pattern.
  11. I just bought my tubing with some UV Cathodes, fittings, and some Yate Loon fans. No barbs from Petra. 65$ for all of it. :ouch:

    (Water Cooling is expensive!)

    All thats remaining are these: The Swiftech MCP35X; the 30$ Reservoir; Swiftech Apogee; and the RS240 Rad. What do you think?
  12. Very good for a loop. The Swiftech Drive series has the pump/res/radiator all built in, if you went that route. Just a consideration.

    (Water Cooling is expensive!)

    Yes, quite true.
  13. I wish! I can't fit a 12.8 inch radiator on top of my 600T (Very very sexy, but lots of clearance issues with radiators.) I think I have about a foot of clearance, and thats about it.
  14. What is a 12.8 inch rad?
  15. They do make more powerful pumps that go with the Rasa resivor.As I said that kit is just for a beginner you can always add as you go but the only things that really need upgrading are the water blocks and the pump.
  16. rubix_1011 said:
    What is a 12.8 inch rad?

    The Swiftech Drive.
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