Rail Voltage Reading ?

I bought a new PSU : the CORSAIR TX-650W

The PC runs fine, everything is OK and stable,
it can turn on and off without any issues

but the reading for -12v (the NEGATIVE 12v) is WAY off.

Both the BIOS and HWMonitor read the -12v at -6.46v

Is this something to worry about,
should I exchange the PSU ? Since it's still covered by warranty
or is it not a big deal ??? The -12V is only a useless rail

tq :)
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  1. First; software voltage readings shouldn't be trusted, notice how the -5v reading is showing -4.74, considering there's no -5v pin in the TX650's 24 pin main connector it's hard to imagine any kind of reading showing up.

    Second ; modern motherboards don't use -12v, the reading is meaningless, like you said " a useless rail ".
  2. It's not entirely a useless output. The RS-232 port uses -12 volts. So do opamps in a lot of analog circuits.

    But it's true that the core of the system does not need it.
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