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So, my PC broke down a few days ago and turns out the motherboard is dead. My specs are:

AMD sempron 3200+
HD - Maxtor diamond max plus 9 80 GB
RAM - 2x 512 MB Crucial (DDR2 I guess)
gfx- nVidia geforce 6600 DDR2 512 MB
Case and power supply - no idea what the make is
DVD ROM and DVD RW - again no idea what the make is
running xp home edition

ok, so the system was built at a shop 4 years ago and it was the same people who said the mobo was dead. my problem is that the mobo is not being made anymore (well outdated I guess) and I can't find any second hand replacements. now I would do it through the shop but they charge me a lot more..

I'm not very computer literate but I'll give it a go.. but I'll need some help. now, if I were to replace the mobo with a new model, will I need to get new parts like the RAM, processor and gfx card? or are there new mobo's that still support sempron chips?

my budget is around £100-150 and I use the PC for browsing mainly but some gaming (BF2). also, I need my pc to be reasonably upgradable for the future. is my budget ok for this? any thoughts?
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  1. well my guess is you running on ide still and there are still semprons but they made for newer boards and if you still got the 6600 you using agp and most likely ddr ram,and a good budget these days tend to be £350-£450 for something better then office duty total new build would be better since you would need new just bout everything when you get a new board
  2. Oh dear, the only thing salvageable from that system would be the DVD RW drive and maybe the HDD. For that little you are best off finding a used system or a super cheap prebuilt, as you need 6 parts for under 25 pounds each, thats just not doable. If your budget was around 300 that would be doable.
  3. correct me if I'm wrong, but would I not be reuse my case and power supply? also, my gfx card is pci-e. although I dont mind just getting by with onboard graphics. so considering this, would I not just need a new mobo, compatible RAM and a Processor?

    But the things is I don't really know what new mobos to go for and what the best processor is for my needs (I can sacrifice the gaming). I know it's on the website, but there's so much info.. I don't know where to start!
  4. also thanks for the link shaaba, but do they ship to the UK?
  5. here is something to look at
    its agood guide as too what is the current best value
  6. ok thanks!
  7. jj96 said:
    also thanks for the link shaaba, but do they ship to the UK?

    The Ebay item is a US sale only but Ascendtech will ship to the UK.
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