P6T Deluxe (x58 chipset)... confused as hell to finding drivers....

Well, first off what I can't seem to find anything of (I'm coming from a M2N32-SLI (AMD) and the nVidia website is so much easier to navigate and find what you're looking for than intel) what is the latest version of chipset drivers?

I went to the intel site and found INF files, Rapid Storage, Matrix Storage and a plethora of other "drivers" I'm just confused as hell.

First off, as I said it's a x58 board, which is going to have 2x SSD in a raid0. I'm going to assume first and foremost the: IATA89ENU.exe (Ver: is the latest raid drivers correct? I'm just confused between the Rapid Strorage and Matrix Storage stuff. I believe the Rapid Storage stuff is for raid configurations?

Secondly, as far as the other "chipset" d6rivers, I'm just confused as all hell. Would I want to use: infinst911autol.exe to download the rest? As far as I know that's just a INF file downloader and not actual drivers?

That's all I can really think of for the time being.
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  1. You are correct about IATA89ENU.exe. Also download and run infinst911autol.exe. The download page describes what it does.
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