PC hangs when click on user account to enter password

Yesterday everything was fine.

Today I boot up my PC, click on my user account(I use Administrator) and as soon as the text-box for entering password appears my computer stops responding.

The cursor is moveable though, but has a frozen hand icon(like when you hover over a link on the Internet).

When computer boots up, for about 2-3 seconds up until that "Verifying..." message on black screen I hear a strange ticking coming from motherboard's speaker. It seems to make sound in rhythm with the appearing text upon boot up.

I tried safe-mode, but it freezes at the same spot.

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  1. Seems like you need to run a "Repair" setup of XP. Maybe a hardware issue though, if the repair does not work, need to go though testing/swapping out RAM, maybe the hard-drive or motherboard.
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