Bypassing password!!!T.T
my computer has ASUS P7P55D LE mother board
and my parents set up password
it's not the account password
it's CMOS or BIOS (i dont know which one it is but when the password screen pops up the whole screen goes black and in the center there is the "CURRENT PASSWORD: ")
HOW can I BYPASS or SOLVE this password??? im not asking how to remove or reset this password
I BEG your help sir!
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  1. all you can do is hope that your parents remember the password, I have never seen a hack for the Bios password
  2. Ask your parents for the password. I'm sure they had a good reason to set it up in the first place.
  3. i read somewhere that if u remove the mattery from the mobo u can reset ur bios as well as its password. And if memory serves me well u can short a pin i think, that resets the bios...i think - had seen this porblem 6 years ago on a friend pc.
  4. Lutfij said:
    i read somewhere that if u remove the mattery from the mobo u can reset ur bios as well as its password. And if memory serves me well u can short a pin i think, that resets the bios...i think - had seen this porblem 6 years ago on a friend pc.

    That doesn't answer the question. His parents decided to control access to the PC and if he removes the password, then they'll obviously notice it and probably take further action to better control access. That's why the kid wrote "im not asking how to remove or reset this password".
  5. hmmm - apologies! ah the comforts of parental control :)

    listen to what GhislainG sed
  6. No need to apologize. The whole situation actually is rather funny :) .
  7. i did some digging - check these out and see if they help



    :) happy reading!
  8. thanks for your anwsers.! (especially Lutfij)
    i really appreciate that.
    however, it did not solve my problem at all T,T
    i tried the backdoor passwords but
    its not working
    i also downloaded some tools that crack cmos password
    but 99% of them are not working
    1 program which looks truthworthy...
    i need to download and get running something called "ioperm.exe"
    but no clue how to do that
    can anyone figure it out for me???
    plz..... the name of the program is "cmospwd"
  9. i dig some MORE digging :D

    check these out -

    this explains what cmospwd is

    and this tells you what to do with it
  10. oh wow
    thanks again Lutfij
    though i ve been trying hours to install this "ioperm" thingy and
    no improvement!......T.T
    i read through the websites that you gave me
    but no clue......
    can you try to install ioperm.exe ??
    its super hard since im just a novice....
  11. lol silly newbies. On the motherboard lies a "jumper" which enables the bios password to be set. simply taking this jumper off will remove the password. However, cracking a bios password is virtually impossible, unless you are a master at reading binary code.

    The jumper on the motherboard is rather small so you must look closely. its a little plastic piece with metal inside that connects two tiny pins together on the board. There may be a little abbreviation near the jumper that says something like BSPW or something.

    EDIT: THERE exception to this issue..I have had some experiences with bios passwords on certain IBM laptops, which do not rely on jumpers to enable it. in such case, it required a lot of soddering of the motherboard, and well quite frankly, waay out of your league of expertice. (no offense, but you would probably fry the board while attempting such a project)

    I gotta ask though, what are you wanting to even do in the BIOS so desperately??
  12. If you read his first post, you'll understand that the kid wants to use the system without his parents' permission. If he resets the BIOS password, his parents will know about it; that's why he's asking for a solution that doesn't require resetting the password.
  13. yes but use the system for what purposes? a little more specific details may lead to a better solution than even having to get into the BIOS. Its not like he needs the BIOS password to use the operating system, or to even load one (unless the bios password is prompting him and keeping him from entering the O.S.) in which case, hes got some pretty smart parents, because the only way to crack a BIOS password is by changing it or getting rid of it.
  14. Quote:
    unless the bios password is prompting him and keeping him from entering the O.S.
    The info in the original post indicates that a BIOS password has been configured. I agree that he's got smart parents and they probably had an excellent reason for doing it.
  15. yeah, so i'm kind of wondering why we're helping this kid crack it. lol
  16. relax chickenhoagie - lol - he aint planning on wreaking havoc with a simple bios hack. we're here to help, not ask SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many questions

    hey thlim!

    you must b really new :) nmd - u can install it and the readme inside tells u how to open/use the password retreaver.

    u can download the file from

  17. oh no im chill lol. i was just assuming we'd be on the parents side rather than the kid's! but hey, it doesnt affect me either way:). but some bios passwords you just can't crack man =\. sometimes you just gotta get rid of it
  18. hey.
  19. hey... chickenhoagie
    i'm sorry but ive got to tell you my story
    i recieve all A one B and have 3 honors (freshman)
    and i can play computer games only when I win a big math contest or something
    i love games
    do you even understand how cruel it is to block achild from computer games
    forever who loves them
    i do not understand my parents
    i understand that i have to go to topnotch university but
    they have gone tooooo far.
    i ve got no video game systems or nintendo or psp or anything!!!
    what should i do to relieve my stress!
    even if i reveal the password i can only paly games when both of my parents are gone(which is very rare)
    thus, it wont even effect my grade.
    so this is my story
    dont just assume that im addicted to computer or something
    i actually feel quite bad
  20. no believe me man i know exactly how you feel. I'm a junior in highschool myself and im on high honors for the most part as well. sometimes i'll slip with only an honor roll but whatever. I'm just saying that his parents might have a more legit reason to keep him from accessing his computer than video games. He never exactly did say what the reason was, so I'm assuming its something he doesnt want us to know maybe? in your case if i was you, i'd scrounge up some money and stash away a PSP with some games in a secret compartment ;)
  21. I meet the same issue. :(
    I got an easy solution, :) all you need is another computer that can link to Internet and then download password genius at .with password genius, you can create a reset CD which can be used to login windows without password. then you can reset your password. Hope this can help you!
  22. sallysung, this would be a good solution; however he isn't trying to get around the password at the login screen, hes trying to get around the one that prompts him as soon as he turns on the computer.
  23. +1 to chickenhoagie on this one!
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