Setting up HDCP Gainward GeForce 9600GT

Hi i got a GeForce 9600GT 512Mb and i cant get the Nvidia control panel to detect my LCD Tv is HDCP compatible. Its a Grundig Vision 3 32" but in the control panel it says its a Beko V-Jaz1??? i cant find any drivers for it, but i dont think there is any. the specs says that the both the Card and tv has HDCP.

Do i have to connect the graphic card to the sound card? Im kinda new to this with HDCP and HD even tho ive been playing with computers in 13 years.

Plz help

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  1. Not sure, but I don't think the monitor driver is important.

    As to the sound part, it appears that you need to hook up the SPDIF cable from the mobo or sound card header, to the video card. Then, when HDMI outputs to the TV, it has sound. You don't have to output the sound this way - you can use computer speakers connected to the audio jacks if you'd like.
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