Intel Matrix - Dropped Disk in Raid 0

My Intel Matrix Raid Controller randomly dropped 1 of my 4 HDDs out of my 0 array. The HDD in question checks out healthy, and my controller sees it, just thinks it not a member of an array.

Is it any way possible to put that drive back into the array without formatting everything and making a new array? Or, should I just chalk this up to growing pains, man up and format into a new 1 array?

It's a lot of data (roughly 2 TB worth) so if it's difficult I'm willing to try, because the alternative is format anyway.

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  1. There are some options. Immediately disconnect and stop trying to use the drives. Make sure you have plenty of spare storage (at least 2x the amount of the original drive volume) Download R-Studio, . You can then hookup the hold drives, do a full drive image to the new storage and it will allow you to try to reassemble the array and read from it. Good Luck!!!
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