Which is better ati 4350 or nvidia 9400gt

I am confused between these two cards Ati 4350 and Nvidia 9400gt. I don't mind playing at low settings and low resolution. my configuration is -
Intel core2duoE4400(2.00ghz) , 2 GB ram,Intel 965ry motherboard
, 240 watt PSU, 15" VGA monitor(max resolution 1024 by 768).

I am also thinking of buying a 20" HD monitor, are these cards good enough for it???
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  1. ^ Atleast get HD 4550/ HD 4650/ HD 4670 or 9600GSO/ 9500GT... Those cards that you have listed might allow you to play some older games(I doubt new ones would run on them giving you playable frame-rates) @ your current resolution but if you upgrade your monitor, you still would have to stick with the lowest resolution...
  2. i've once had HD 4550. it will be fine to use medium to high setting on low resolution (1024*768). but on GPU hungry game that card might have to struggle even with medium setting plus low resolution. (that card was not intended for gaming. its more on playing video)

    if you want better performance and have tight budget at least try to get HD4650 (GDDR3 model). one step ahead will be HD4670 or 9600GSO.

    maybe you can get something like this:

  3. With that 240W PSU +1 for the 4650 as it doesnt have any 6 pin plug. That power supply is way low.
    If you can upgrade that power supply, get the 9600GSO if its cheaper than the 4670.
  4. thanks 4 the reply. If i buy HD 4670/ 9600Gt, i don't think my psu will be able to support them :( Any suggestions about psu for these 2 cards???

    9600gt(512mb GDDR3) and HD 4670(512mb GDDR3) are available almost at same price. which one will be a better deal???
  5. life is tough in India :sweat: a HD 4670 costs around US $90. Add another US $55 for PSU Cooler Master-RS500 :( :( Even these two cards(4350/9400gt) are priced around $45 :pt1cable:
  6. by the way, is my current PSU(240 watts) is enough for 4350/9400gt ????
  7. in term of performance HD4670 is on par with 9600GSO. 9600GT is better than this two but 9600GT will use more power than HD4670. (9600GT need one 6 pin supplementary power connector to power up the card).

    if you want 9600GT get at least 400w psu (min requirement) to power 9600GT but make sure you get good quality one such as corsair. some cheap 500w psu will be crippled by the card
  8. gau123 said:
    by the way, is my current PSU(240 watts) is enough for 4350/9400gt ????

    i don't know how good your PSU are but both card need 300w as minimum requirement as stated in nvidia and amd site. if you want to play game without having any trouble in the future its better to meet the basic requirement power need of the card.
  9. @gau123 get the Palit 9500GT for about Rs. 2725- Link though not a DDR3 version, is better than the 9400GT and the 4350...
  10. the According to http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine your psu should work with the 9600GSO and the 4650 will work. Their are a bit faster but for the price 9500gt is great too. Also it shows that the 4670 use like 7 watts more and should work. 9500GT 55nm would use the least power and is the safer for that 240W psu. If you can wait it would be wiser to see what ATI HD 5xxx 40nm offer and of course other cards will drop in price. It should be around this month.
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