software to transfer files from one hard drive to another hard drive

Get a program called "Migrate Easy" Boom you are done;another 1..."Easeus Todo back Up Free"
and there are hundreds of these programs on the Net for free;don't bother attaching cables from 1 computer to another or just using any wizard program;this is the easy way;the other is the hard way. Usually these calls Gee on the Internet they give you the hard way;just get 1 of those programs and you are done,fast and easy;that is how I do it ,forget about the method the so called experts on the Net tell you how to do it.
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  1. You are missing a ton of important info, like how to connect the two hard-drives to get data between them? So you install the program and you are done? What good is installing the program when the other hard-drive is sitting in a box unopened?

    If you want to write up instructions on how to do file copy, you need to add in details, not just "get some programs and you're done".
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