Foxconn A78AX-K and CPU compatibility

I have a Foxconn A78AX-K and i'm using it with a x2 5200+ . There is a bios update for it with the description "Add AM3 CPU support." So my question is can i just buy a AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz and use it with my mobo ? Second how much performance increase should i expect ?
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    You need to find the "cpu support" listing for your specific board on foxconn's website and see what bios version is required, then flash if needed before installing the new cpu. The bios version is listed somewhere on the post screen. You may not get enough performance boost to justify the cost for the regor 250. It all depends on what you use your system for.
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  3. Found supported cpu list and compared their performance to mine, sadly there isn't much difference. Thanks for the answer though.
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