I7 2600k with Thermaltake Frio OCK temp problem?

I have an i7 2600k processor mounted on an ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard with Thermaltake Frio OCK as an aftermarket CPU cooler.

My idle temps are around 45 C which is pretty acceptable I guess, but when I start playing BF3 it gets around 80 C - 85 C, and when I run a 8M test with hyper pi temps peaked at 93.9 C, which is pretty high I guess. Any suggestions? Also I haven't done any overclocking yet, runs on stock voltage and 3.4 Ghz speed...
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  1. That is a little high for stock clocks and such a high end CPU cooler.

    My suggestion would be to re-seat the cooler, and re-apply thermal paste. it could be that you didn't apply the paste well, or that its not seated with enough pressure.

    try that first, and we can go from there.
  2. Turns out that smart guys at Gold Computer couldn't install the CPU cooler properly, used wrong screws, placed the parts incorrectly... Half of the cooler wasn't even making contact with the CPU...

    I've reseated it and re-applied the thermal compound as you suggested, now when I play BF3 it hardly goes over 60 C. Thanks for the help mate, really appreciate it.

    I just hope my CPU isn't damaged because I've been playing games with the CPU temp over 80 C for a week now...
  3. Wow, I'd complain if I were you.

    In all honestly though, you should be fine. These CPUs are rated to run at 90c without causing long term damage. Its still annoying, but the chip should be fine.
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