My first WC Kit

Hi Guys,

I have

i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz which I plan to overclock a high as I can
XFX HD 6950 and I`m getting another one soon
Case from NZXT Lexa S

and I want to know what WC kit should I get. I`m competely new to this kind a thing, so I don`t think that building my own will be an option. I`m looking at Corsair H100 as a budget one, but is it powerfull enough to handle OC cpu and two gpu`s? Also i found that Swiftech H2O-X20 "Edge" has good reviews, but it is a lot more expensive. is it really worth that money?

Some general questions- how often do i have changhe liquid? Is it expensive? How noisy these systems and reliable are?

It`s quite a choice on these things and they all look pretty much the same to me :D

Thank You
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  1. With 'All in one' LCS set ups, you dont need to change the fluid ever, its in there and its sealed (Hopefully forever)
    You couldn't cool multiple components from one either, you would need one for each component because of the inflexibility of the device
    and I'm not too sure that you could even mount the blocks from those to a graphics card without some serious modding ability :)
    I'd go for the swifty over the H100 although both do get good feedback as you say,
    if you want to cool cards and cpu in the same loop, then you are going to have to build custom, and don't be scared, its not as difficult as you may think :)
    **Edit, if you want them all seperately cooled then its three of the LCS kits you'll need, although I do recall there are graphics ones out now as well as Cpu ones**
  2. I thought that i`m gonna be able to cool Gpu from swift by modifing it later on. but if I cant do that is it worth getting H100 and replace my two 1400m fans on top with it or better get H80 and replace 120mm fan on the back and leave top fans as they are?
  3. If you plan on modding then either will be 'good' but the problem there will be the pump might not have the oomph to feed the loop as well,
    one option is to get the swift or H100 for the Cpu, then later on add a custom loop for the cards once you've read up on it a bit more, maybe even swap out fo a full loop
  4. You are looking at needing more radiator space than is available for the H80 or H100...thinking in simple TDP watts at load, your CPU and GPU are likely in the 250-300 watt range at 100% load. This exceeds the watt rating of most 2x120 rads (even good ones, which LCS rads are not) and into the arena of needing the capacity of 3x120. At that point, you are better off with an actual water loop.
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