Service Manual for Compaq Presario 2100???

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Got a Presario 2100 that is only 3 months old. Looks in prestine
condition, but the owner had spilled some wine on it and now it won't
start up. Looking around things that I could access, don't see any
residue of wine. None on memory, battery, other openings. So maybe it
was just shorted out somewhere. Would like to tear into it but can't
find a service manual outlining how to disassemble it. Can anyone help
or point me to some place that services these laptops in Canada?

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  1. The service manual is easy to retreive. Just google "Compaq presario2100 servide manual". Look for the HP http address with a location of a PDF file.
  2. Please do not necro-post. Closing thread.
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