Stability issues phenom II

Hello, it seems that either my mobo is messed up or my procesor, because the highest I can overclock to and be stable is 4.2 ghz. I have a corsair h60 and it keeps the temps low, and I even tried overvolting a bit then overclocking, still to no avail.

Here is my setup:
AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
MSI 870A-G54 mobo
2 liteon disk drives
1TB seagate 7200 rpm sata 3 HDD
450W coolermaster psu
MSI R6670 1GB gddr5

Can anyone help me out?
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  1. Nevermind. My mobo has a limit of 4 GHz.
  2. If you can't go any further without adding an extreme amount of voltage then you've reached the limitations of the silicon in that chip.
  3. Never seen anyone got stable 4.5 GHz with PII with air or normal water cooling, you look pretty awesome with this achievement.
  4. ^+1
  5. thanks.
  6. What are your current clocks?
  7. The highest I can go and be stable with a h60 cooler is 4.0 GHz
  8. Oh man, you're doing more than great :D, the Phenom II is reaching 4.0-4.3 anything above that is considered as a world record for normal users with air & water coolers
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