Graphics card causing issues with HDMI?

I've recently bought this computer:

and this video card:

I've installed all the drivers correctly with all updates, but when i connect my computer with my T.V with a hdmi cable, I get a display but no sound, I've spent hours playing with settings on my T.V to ensure its not a setting that needs to be enabled. Is that how it is suppose to be? I thought HDMI connection provides video and audio. Is my card a incorrect one? I heard someone saying it could've been the Motherboard (the motherboard is manufactured by Lenovo and uses a intel chipset). Can someone please shed some light regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. Could it be because of the video card itself or does the chipset of a motherboard play a part? because if the video card is the issue, I have no problem purchasing the correct video card to correct my issue if someone can link me a few cards.
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