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Hi! I am such a serious rookie with this stuff that I literally fried my motherboard because I put my RAM in backwards. In my defense, it clicked in like it fit. Really all I need to do now is get my harddrive into a new place so I can keep using it. It's got win xp and all my data. I have another computer I don't use that runs fine, tho it's's only running win 2000. Can I just switch out the harddrives? OR, can I transfer my xp info onto the harddrive that's already in the other computer? How do I wipe the win2000? The worst part...I don't have a product key for win xp. Sorry for the convoluted questions. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Well as you don't have a legitimate key for XP then this site cant support you in efforts to get XP installed on any PC. However in regards to one aspect of your question you cant just transplant a HDD with and existing OS to a different machine without encountering major issues. A clean install with a licensed OS is the only genuine solution.
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