The X58 Chipset Has QPI; The P55 Chipset Has...?

There's something very basic that I just don't 'get' about Intel's P55 chipset.

Intel has retired the front side bus. In the X58 chipset, the FSB has been replaced by QPI. But what replaces the FSB in the P55 chipset?

Thanks for helping me out with this.
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  1. A DMI Bus (Direct Media Interface Bus).

    Lynnfield is related to the earlier Bloomfield and Gainestown microprocessors, which are used in server and high-end desktop systems. The main difference between the two is Lynnfield's use of the LGA 1156 processor socket as opposed to the LGA 1366 used in the others. LGA 1156 processors include Direct Media Interface and PCI Express links, which Intel has previously connected to the processor with a dedicated northbridge chip, called the memory controller hub or I/O hub.
  3. Thank you.

    DMI and QPI are both point-to-point connections, however QPI has higher throughput. There are also technical differences in how these two busses are arranged on the chipset, but I can learn about that stuff later. I appreciate your help.
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