Can a better PSU reduce temps on CPU?

I know this sounds odd, but let me explain..

I had a PSU which was showing coil whine under load.

Other than that everything was ok.

Core temps in BF3 were 55 -60c @4.5GHz

I changed it for a better model

Core temps are now 46 -54c @ 4.5GHz

Variables are roughly the same, temperature, in fact its hotter now with the new PSU and displaying lower core temps.

Is this possible? Could the PSU have been more faulty than just coil whine? Or can a better quality PSU manage power to the CPU more efficiently or something?
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  1. No the PSU has no control over the CPU temps. The power from the PSU goes to the mobo where it is precisely controlled by the VRM circuit.

    Maybe the new PSU evacuates hot air from the case better than the old PSU or produces less heat in the case? You'd need to have tested under P95 or OCCT for a while to get stable temps as they can change considerably with load.
  2. Cool thanks for the reply.
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