Capacitor broke off my power supply?

I'm not sure what kind of capacitor it was though. My friend works at honeywell and can solder stuff, would it be safe to ask him to solder it back for me? or should i just throw the whole psu away? black friday is soon so i might get computer parts, but im low on money.

The capacitor is thin and brown and the metal pin things are rather short. i doubt that helps but it might, sorry lol.
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  1. Hmm PSU's are meant to be non servicable items due to the high voltages involved. You could ask someone to repair the PSU - but personally I wouldnt risk it and would buy a new unit.
  2. i wonder if a lot of people are interested in Psu's and gpu's on black friday at frys electronics...gpu probably for sure...
  3. you could have your friend solder the cap, but if something goes wrong then your PSU can take out your mobo, GPU and CPU
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