How to move or repair MBR to new drive? from dying SSD


I'm running Win 7 x64. My current stat-up drive is an HD, but the bios point to an SSD I had been using as the start-up. So the MBR is on the SSD. The 64gb Vertex started to dissapear if I started a copy to it. OCZ is RMAing it. But the problem is once I ship my SSD back to them, so goes my MBR.

I've googled all kinds of command line utilities which are above my understanding.

As of now, with the SSD removed, I can not start-up. I can Plug it in, make sure it is the main drive in the bios and all is well.

Any easy suggestions?

Is there a way I can just restore the working MBR on my start-up HD? So it is no longer dependent on the SSD?



I haven't shipped the bad drive back yet, but would like to get it in the mail tomorrow.
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  1. Boot from your win 7 disk and go to starup and repair to repair your boot files. Make sure the only Hard drive in your system is the win 7 drive
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