E3200 celeron vs e5300

whos better for the money
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  1. Frys has the e3200 with free g31 board for $50 after rebate (in stores only). Otherwise, get the e5300 for around $15-20 more. It's much faster for gaming.
  2. Celerons are cut down / crippled Core 2's
  3. Here's a review comparing E3300, E3200, and E5200. Give it a read:

  4. newegg has the e3200 for $44 today for their shell shocker...

    I don't think i'd buy a celeron ever again but am curious how it compares to other chips since it is dual core.

    I looked at that article and in most of the tests, it's a little behind or ahead of the amd x2 5600+. I'd actually buy one of these if it was $40 and i needed to go as cheap as possible. however... amd's latest athlon 2 chips are really cheap too and you can get a quad core for probably $70.
  5. Damn, I went to Frys today to get the mobo+cpu combo, apparently Wed. ads are only good for 2 days and expire on Friday.
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