Is 8337 a good 3d mark06 score

hi i have a c2d e6300,intel dg965wh,8800 gts 320 mb vid card,rosewill 600 watt psu,hitachi 250 gb sata 1 hdd,coolermaster storm scout case,4x 1gb ddr2 667 kingston value 3d mark06 score is this good?
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  1. It depends on how big you want your e-peen to be.

    What matters to you more? A high 3D Mark score or playing games well?
  2. it used to be most 8800 class cards could break 10k with a decent cpu pushing it. the e6300 is at stock clocks, no? might try to o.c. a bit for higher benchies. lephuronn is right though. download fraps and see what kind of frames per second your getting in your favorite game. 20=bad, 30 = playable, 60=plenty.
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