FSB vs FSB:ram ratio

Hey guys real quick question.

I'm in the middle of OCing someones CPU and im stuck in a dillemma. I could either keep the FSB at 1467 @ 9x multiplier for 3.3ghz and dont run the ram at 1:1 ratio (ram would be at 400mhz, set to unlinked 12:13 ratio I think)

or I could lower the multiplier to 8x and set FSB at 1600 for 3.2ghz but then it would be 1:1 ratio.

so 1600FSB 8x for 1:1 ratio @ 3.2ghz vs. 1467FSB 9x for 12:13 ratio @ 3.3ghz?

which is better? this is an old E6600 conroe. Thanks guys
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  1. Just want to know ran to use benchmark software Maxxmem2 : try compare with your fsb
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