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I want to upgrade my DELL XPS420 with a 375 watt PSU to a dell recomended 500 watt. so that i could go to a better graphics card. But was told that it might harm my motherboard because dell only recomended up to 425 watt Is that possable?
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  1. Never heard a maximum power rating on mobo's before. Your pc will only use as much power as it needs.
  2. The motherboard will draw the power it needs, you can run a 1kW PSU in a HTPC that only needs 100 watts and it wont have a problem. Dell probably only recommended up to that level because thats what they had cheap discounts on, a higher powered PSU will not cause an issue.
  3. There were a few poor designs at one point that would actually not run if loaded too lightly... I want to say Enermax had one but I don't actually recall.

    Still, you can safely plug in any quality PSU to any motherboard. A very high wattage PSU might be inefficient at low loads though.
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