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I have overclocked my Corsair Venegence 8GB DDR3 Ram that was at 1333 for some reason (stock should be 1600) to 1866mhz. Now, I can't get POST or BIOS, and when I remove one or change the slots I get 2 long beeps followed by repeated 3 long beeps, but still no display. Anyway I could un-overclock the RAM back down, because my MSI 970a-g45 board supports 1600mhz, so its not the board's fault. i have a FX-8120 CPU at 3.6GHZ as well, which also supports 1866MHZ RAM
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  1. also, I neglected to change the latency and voltage
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    RAM boots at the SPD frequency programmed into the DIMM, NOT at the max speed the RAM has been tested to run at stable.

    Your system should reboot after you clear the CMOS.

    There is no tangible system performance gain with DDR3 RAM by lowering the latency or bumping the frequency a few hundred MHz. so just run it at 1600 MHz. if it's stable and call it a day.

    If your RAM isn't rated to run at 1866 MHz. it's no surprise your PC crashed and won't boot.
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