MSI Afterburner Won't Unlock Gtx 570 Voltage

I am trying to overclock my MSI Twin Frozr III Gtx 570. I had it at 951mhz core clock and it seemed stable, but it didn't seem possible that it could run so high at standard voltage. I checked a 3D Mark 11 test from earlier at a different overclock, and it said that I was at standard clock. So I have two questions. Why won't the voltage slider unlock when I turn it on in settings, and why is 3D Mark 11 not showing my overclock?

PS: Sorry if my two questions jumbled together are sort of confusing.
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  1. Not sure, as i have the same problem with MSI Afterburner not unlocking the Voltage slider. I've tried everything inside the settings tab, and still no change. Didn't mean to thread steal, but i figured id let you know you aren't the only one with this issue, and hopefully this will bump/refresh the post for fresh eyes.
  2. Well, im having the same problem... Whatever I try I cant control voltage... If get any solution reponse please.

    Anyway, talking about stable OC's, mine is from Gigabyte (GV-N570OC-13I), and from stock has 780 Mhz core and 1900 mhz memory. Overclocked core to 850 Mhz and memory to 2100 Mhz. Cant OC so much because with stock voltage always crash. When i made the Kombustor benchmarck says me im at 0.988 V, any idea of recommended voltage? Im not sure, but ill swear that it should be at 1.001 V, not sure why, but i readed that somewhere. What do you have?
  3. And theres no way to unlock it? :( I cant see BIOS settings because till I change mine, actual mobo dont allow me to access... But it should be an option to unlock automatic voltage control, that would be an intelligent option lol
  4. Well, ive been searching a little bit and founded a solution, in theory, but just for the GV-N570SO-13I, that its not mine but just for 2 ******* words :fou:
    If thats your 570 dowload OC Guru from and you'll be able to modify voltage (or thats what people says on other forums, if worked to you post it ok?)
  5. Well, this is one reason to buy a refference card, and then add your own aftermarket cooling to it afterwards. - Arctic Coolings Accelero Xtreme Plus is great :)
  6. have you tried downloading the latest beta version of afterburner?
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