New build won't bootup

This is my first attempt at building a computer on my own and it is not booting up. All parts are brand new, so there is probably a higher chance of this being user error rather than a bad part. Here's what I have installed:

Asus M4A78 Pro motherboard
AMD Phenom II X3 710 CPU
Xion PowerReal 1000W Power Supply
2 X - OCZ 2N800SR4K - 2GB RAM
500GB Harddrive

Anyone have any ideas why it's not working? when turned on, the LeD for the harddrive does not light up, all fans turn on, no 'beeps' and a blank screen on the monitor. The motherboard power LED light does turn on.
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  1. Read through and complete all items of this checklist....

    It should help you pinpoint your error or defective component.
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