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212+ p/p not spinning to max rpms

On my New GA-970A-UD3 mb i have noticed that the fans do not spin at the max rated 2000rpm. I have a fairly high OC on my cpu and when i have to start using the heat in the winter i will probably have to drop it back down. The max i have seen on both fans is 1708rpm and that is while i am gaming. I have disabled cool&quiet in the bios as well as both the cpu fan controller and the sys fan controller. I mention the sys fan controller because sys fan 1 is the only other 4 pin fan controller on the mb. Is it possible the this mb is not allowing the fans to spin at there max and has a cutoff point to keep them from burning out? Or perhaps there is a voltage control that is undervolting them? My old ddr2 mb allowed them to spin at 2000rpm and as i only had this heatsink and fans setup on that mb for a short time, i think that they are not worn out or anything like that. These are the fans. Thank you for the help.
hyper212+ p/p 53c max
8gb/4x2 Adata@1500mhz
msi hybrid tv tuner+fm
Antec 600 case
Antec earthwatts 750w
Asus cd\\dvd burner
Caviar Blue 500gb hdd
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    Disable all the smart fan option in your BIOS and keep in mind than those RPM aren't average and not always the fan run that those RPM.
  2. meh, my pc rates my fans speed in between 1700 and then jumps up to something like 16317 (no thats not a typo)
  3. What are you using for see the speeds?
  4. me? i tried all types of things, Adia 64, Everest, Speedfan, HWmonitor.... etc... it even shows it in the bios... but im not the OP :D
  5. Smart fan options have already been disabled. The bios reads the same speeds as cpuid which is what i read the speeds with while the computer is booted to the os. As i said will not go higher then 1708 on the pushpull setup even though the fans are rated to 2000rpm. I investigated further and found no voltage option in the bios for the fans. It could be that the mb does this to keep the fans from burning out, though the old mb let them. Maybe i should just not worry about it and clock down a bit for the winter. Though if anyone has as idea i am still willing to listen. Mouse why u trying to hijack my post dude?
  6. Try with only one fan and let me know the results.
  7. Maybe i should also mention that even though both cool and quite and smartfan are disabled it raises from 1500 to around 1700rpms under heavy load. That might have to do with the vdroop though I'm not sure it would affect the fanspeed. I know that even though i have the core voltage set to 1.475 at load the vdroop jacks it to 1.49. Still well within tolerances. I would hate to think there is something wrong with the mb. I'm tickled pink with 4050ghz and 53c is not too high temp wise for that cpu. Heating up the apartment in the winter is going to jack that ujp though. This is why i would like to max these fans out. Maybe i should try to spin them up with ET6? Or some other program?
  8. One fan does the same thing
  9. hmmm, im pretty sure those fans CAN go 2k if they need to :o maybe they just dont kick into high gear until its absolutely necessary?
  10. Turns out one of the fans is fine and the second on is dying. I thought that smart fan was disabled on the mb fans but it was still on. The fan on the cpu 4 pin connector is going bad. i found this out by installing the side fan which is also 120mm on the cpu. It will hold there fine until the replacement fan arrives. Thank you for the help.
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