It's here....Antec True power 1200 Quattro OC Edition PSU

Antec was nice enough to send me out a sample of their newest PSU that is built to take on the most power hungry setups available. This was built specifically for the enthusiast community.

Here are some teaser pics for everybody :hello:

BIG Thanks
to NickShih for Support:)

Time to open this bad boy up and see whats inside :D

Fan adjustment and well look at this.....adjustments for the 12v rail too. :pt1cable:

24pin & dual 8in connectors
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  1. Also comes with two cables running directly from the PSU
    3x Molex/3x Sata

    4 PCI-E cables that come directly from the PSU with each cable having a 8 pin & 6 in connector on it....

    and if that was not enough PCI-E cables for ya here are two more 6+2 pins in case you decide that the first four cables weren't enough. ;)

    Then a plentiful amount of molex/sata connectors X6 each if needed.

    Any questions, feel free to ask:)

    Results coming soon:)
  2. GEEZ! How much does it weigh? What's the length from front to back? Will my electric bill go through the roof? :lol:
  3. JohnnyLucky said:
    Will my electric bill go through the roof? :lol:

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. I do not mind seeing a knob-adjustable fan control, but the voltage control should need a screwdriver.
  5. +1

    In my mind thought, the 12V adjustment doesn't hint at a company with faith in it's product...

    You need a voltmeter to make any adjustment on the 12V rail @ "loaded condition." The "loaded condition" itself varies as a function of level of activity of CPU and GPU.
    This option is not needed. The PSU should remain within specification at all range of load condition. If this is not met the PSU is garbage.

    This is a recipe for disaster. I can see the smoke coming.

    My PC is on 24x7 and my Antec Quatro went up in smoke after almost 2 years of run. Antec replaced the unit but i installed CORSAIR HX1000 instead.
  7. can it match the silverstone strider 1500 watt?
  8. obsidian86 said:
    can it match the strider 1500 watt?

  9. edited
  10. mi1ez said:

    In my mind thought, the 12V adjustment doesn't hint at a company with faith in it's product...

    I can see why you say that but I will give you a little background about this PSU. This PSU was specifically built for the hardcore enthusiast. This PSU can handle 4 5870's OCed and a Gulftown CPU under Ln2 without issue. Before receiving this PSU I was using two, sometimes three PSU's in order to meet the voltage requirements in a heavy bench session. It is nice to have only one PSU on the bench table, trust me;)

    As for the +12v adjustment knob....again something that is desired by the enthusiast sector. We can never have too much control over our hardware and this is actually a big deal when it comes to CPU tests such as 06 & Vantage especially where when I am benching Gulftown above 5.6GHz that the +12v rail is critical in being able to keep up with the CPU when all 12 threads are under such heavy load.(Mind you the CPU socket must be able to handle the current draw too;) )

    Again this PSU is aimed at the high end enthusiast sector but regardless it is never a bad thing when the manufactures start designing this type of hardware. It pushes the envelope and creates new standards that competitors are forced to follow and one up them resulting in benefiting the end users such as you and myself. :)
  11. @obsidian.
    lol, cheers for that!

    @brian y
    I stand by what I said, if the 12V rail drops enough under load while within it's rated wattage/amperage, I don't regard it as doing what it should.
  12. I agree - the 12V rail should be within spec at all rated outputs without needing any kind of a voltage control knob.
  13. For the money paid for this branded power supply.... It should be within specs all the time.
  14. The web site page has been up quite a while

    But you could only access it by going to the nVidia SLI page, and clicking on it in the certified PSU list whwre it's been since september. Was tested by 80Plus folks back in January 09.

    The knobbie thing methinks is to attract the enthusiast the same way Asus RoG series is there to give peeps toys to play with.

    I don't think it's ever an issue of being "in spec". For example. SilentPCreview states in their SG-650 review "VOLTAGE REGULATION refers to how stable the output voltages are under various load conditions. The ATX12V Power Supply Design Guide calls for the +12, +5V and +3.3V lines to be maintain within ±5%. At all load levels, voltages were right on target, and even at the highest loads, the voltages barely budged off target. This is excellent performance, matched by only a small handful of PSUs reviewed thus far."

    For the 650 test they said "The variations between the 12V lines were so small as to be insignificant, typically under 0.1V. "

    Voltage varies in everything depending on load ... At 20 watts the SG-650 for example is 12.16 and drops down to 11.95 at full load. At 400-500 watts, it's anticipated typical load, the variation is 0.01.

    Worse case variation here is 1.3 % ...... at anticipated loadings it's only 0.08% ...which means we are at about 1/62nd of the allowable spec variation at load and 1/4th of the allowable 'spec" variation at worse case of 20 watts. "Spec" allows 11.60 -> 12.40 ..... So the knobs are not to "maintain specs" ...... it's so the enthusiast can have 12.00 instead of 11.99 .

    Here's the one I wanna see hit the streets:
  15. The 12 volt rail should be maintain by internal circuitry, no knob will provide you enough precision to bump it up by 40mV and having the voltage dead on 12 doesnt necessarily help if it leads to a higher ripple, having an extra component like that knob will just add resistance and reduce efficiency. Im curious what the efficiency of this thing at low load is, say around 100-200 watts as that is where the average system spends most of its time.

    Unfortunately it seems that Antec still doesnt like sleeving all of their cabling right up until the casing. I like the sleeved cabling a lot more, looks nicer and is a bit nicer to work with.
  16. I have been receiving alot of questions in regards to this PSU and want to clarify some things.

    There are two versions of this PSU. This is the OC version. While it is not available just yet in the retail market the current one available is the same PSU just lacking a few features... difference between standard & oc edition are 8 PCI-E connectors (Standard 4x 6+2pin, 4x 6pin ) & 12 PCI-E connections (OC 6x 6+2pin , 6 x 4pin) + the Fan + 12v knob , otherwise the design and content of PSU is all the same.

    I will be bring more information on this PSU as it is passed along.


    The Strider 1500 was tested by a friend with two 5970's and had issues where this PSU had no problem with them at all.
  17. Hello all,

    I would just like to reinforce that the TPQ-1200 OC is definitely a limited edition item, specifically designed for the hardcore OC enthusiast, like Brian y has said. The "standard" TPQ-1200 is essentially the same item with a few differences in the number of connectors, and of course lacks the knobs for fine-tuning the output of the PSU.

    Thank you for your interest in one of our coolest new products! :D
  18. A fellow bencher( Youngpro ) who also had the pleasure of trying out his PSU did a very interesting test that I want to share with all...

    alright so i dont normally do psu testing or review and i dont have the equipment to do jonnyguru style testing but i can certainly test the unit works to pro specifications...

    1. build two systems
    2. power one system with antec 1200oc and the other independently
    3. plug in four dual pcb gpus (2 GTX295, 1 MARS 295, 1 9800GX2)
    4. load that ish up and check the power usage

    the unit, antec 1200 oc

    the setup, p55 and x58 rigs

    ALL GPUS powered by the antec 1200OC

    LOADED UP, with ALL gpus loaded, and prime95 on the CPU

    Powermetre shows the peak wattage to hit 1621, not bad for a 1200w psu

    Air temperature is only 38 degrees with very low noise level

    I think this PSU is strong enough to power any system I might want to run, next testing will come with CPU and 4x 5870 on LN2 and high voltage.

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