New ram not recognized in xp but is in bios

I have looked in BIOS which says i have installed the 4 gb of ram but is still coming up with 2gb ram in windows. When i first installed it crashed alot its seems to have settled down now but is there anyway to force windows to recognize it i have already gone into ms config and checked the maxmem box. Thanks to anyone who answers
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  1. Ok well that was easy to post ill explain a bit more..

    I have installed 2 x 1gb ddr 400mhz ram same as what was in before so there should be now 4gb. It will not show it but when i first installed it, it did show 3.5 gb but the system kept crashing all the time and was running stupidly slow. I kept turning it off and on changing the slots which they were in but yeah it only shows 2g.b now. Thanks in Advance
  2. Go back into msconfig and uncheck the maxmem box. Reboot. If that doesn't work, take the memory out and reseat it, making sure each stick is fully inserted.
  3. Yeah i have tried check un checking it over and over doesnt work though. I installed pc wizard and that shows physical memory to be 4096mb. Containing 4 x 1024 ddr sd ram. Any ideas? I have changed the boot ini file to PAE to see if that worked but nope still only showing 2.0gb ram. It does say this though about my computer in system properties under the general tab Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20 GHZ 3.12 GHZ, 2.00GB of RAM
  4. Ok, so I see we're now having a similar discussion on someone's thread who is having the same problem. For anyone else who wanders in here looking for a solution, I'm going to add the same comment I made there ( ):

    I've seen a few of these recently. One person was able to simply re-seat the CPU and it started working, another fixed a bent pin, and a third returned & replaced the motherboard. The problem can be caused by insufficient pin contact, sometimes that's caused by bent pins.

    To quote bilbat
    Ninety percent of the time people have trouble with 1156/1366 platform systems 'missing' memory, it turns out to simply be bent/distorted socket pins. Takes a careful examination (flashlight & magnifying glass) - Intel guide to checking here:

    Try reseating your CPU. And while you're at it you may as well look for the bent pins.

    Here are related threads if you want to see what others have done:
    Re-seated the CPU:
    Straightened a pin:
    Replaced the motherboard:
  5. Given your comment on the other thread ( ), I realized I was confusing your situation with the other poster's.

    It seems you had your RAM being read correctly at one point, but it was unstable. At that point, you began to change things in boot ini and tried rearranging the sticks. Is that correct?

    Please list all of your hardware components, including specific model numbers, and your OS version and whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit.
  6. XP can only support up to 3GB ram, around 3.2GB to be more precise :) don't know if you know this already but I'm saying it just in case you don't.

    Lets say you put in 3GB ram on you motherboard, XP will then see all 3GB's of it and use it fully. If you however put more then 3GB ie. 4GB ram then XP will just see around 3GB of it and your bios will see the full amount. XP will also just be able to use 3GB of that 4GB so the extra 1GB goes to complete waste unless you upgrade to a newer OS.

    Another factor you have to take into a account is that each motherboard has a limit to how much RAM it can support. For example some one motherboard might be able to just support up to 1GB, so putting anything larger then that will go to waste, each motherboard has its own limit that it can support so check that out. Obviously the newer your motherboard is the higher it can support :) hope this helps at least a bit.
  7. Thank you BurningIce, I'm having the same problem. I've installed 4 GB ram to my Windows XP. In the Bios it shows 4GB RAM. But windows shows only 3 GB RAM. Now I know what's the problem. Definitely I'm going for Windows 7.
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