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Hi everyone,
Spent a few days looking at sites about Hackintosh. Have bought an old G4 tower and stripped it out ready for a hackintosh project. But, before I buy the board and processor I was after a little advice?

I want to create a powerful Hackintosh with lots of RAM

I have a budget of around £80-90 for a motherboard.
I'd love to go for fast processor at 64bit, but have very little knowledge of what works and what doesn't
can anyone advise of a cheap motherboard and suitable processor that would work - I'm ordering from

I like AMD rather than Intel, but if Intel is easier to go with (in terms of install osx10.6), then happy to do that.

Budget £80-90 for motherboard, £80-120 for processor(s)

Will document the whole build with pictures here. cheers
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  1. I would suggest you merely copy the specs of an existing Apple computer, like the iMac or even the Mac Pro if you want some power.
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