Keeps shutting down.... i dont understand.

ok so i have this amd duron 1600+, its a asrock somthing or another..

when i 1st got it, it had an old version of xp on it. i formatted and reinstalled windows,, after getting to windows i seeked out the motherboard drivers, (audio, video ect.)

after installing the vga driver, it set my bios to pci video adapter, so that my onboard video would not work... at first i had a brainfart and instead of going to the bios to change it back to vga or auto detect, i tried once again to reinstall windows to fix my video problem.

obviously i didnt get very far because the video was set to pci instead of vga..

after fixing the video problem through the bios, i resumed my xp installation, only to have it restart on me during the setup..

i cycled the hardware to avoid any interfearence and tried again, rebooted..

as a small time tech i checked the ram the hdd, and other hardware in the computer.

but it still seems to reboot in random places, making me think it is an overheating issue..

though i really dont think it is because it worked till i screwed up the video.

i can leave it in bios or at the installation menu before the format and copy of windows for as long as id like, making me htink it really isnt a overheat thing....

its when i start to intall windows that it restarts, and never in the same spot...

what could cause my pc to restart like this???

every problem i cant fix, stays on my mind, as a small time tech i wish to overcome all if not most of my problems...

if you have an idea or an answer for me please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it..

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  1. I'm thinking the power supply. That's always been my cause, when my computer starts rebooting without warning, and all because I was too cheap to spend good money on a power supply.
  2. hi I had similar problems and then all at once the power supply went out. Im afraid that it may have fried my motherboard when arcd because now only bios comes up but I have no periferals. sorry about the spelling. no pl;ug ins at all including keyboard and mouse which I checked on another computer and they are till funtioning. this computer that is having issues also has windows xp which i updated to latest version other than 7.
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