Does ABIT AB9 GT supports Q9950 and X25-M SSD

First of all, sorry for my English!

In the following DAYs I' m thinking of buying a new Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q9550 and Intel® X25-M SSD "Postville" 80 Gb. But before i make the buy, I will like to know if ABIT AB9 GT supports that processor and SSD drive.

If someone is using the same motherboard in those two components please tell me how to instal or. what can i do, that those two components will work on my motherboard. New bios?

P.S. Is the BIOS ID:17 final version, or are there new-ones.

Thanks for all answers!
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  1. Sorry but I can't give you a clear idea on that. I suggest you contact Abit directly regarding this, because even if your mobo has a socket that supports the Q9550, the latest BIOS update might not be able to. Same thing with the Intel SSD.
  2. I would, but ABIT doesn't exist anymore.
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