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Hello everyone. I have a really frustrating problem with my brand new gtx 295 card. I bought this card 2 days ago and since then i have been testing it and the results are awful.
firstly my system has intel core 2 duo E6400 2.13gzh processor, 4gb ddr2 667mhz kingston ram and 750W xilence psu.
The thing is i am getting terrible fps rates in gta 4 and crysis, i mean they are unplayable and very disturbing.
Is this a possible bottleneck problem? They seller told me that i wouldnt be facing with this problem but i think i am now. I tried a few other games and they were also problematic. I have tried this card on XP, Vista and Win 7. They had different results but generally the same problem.
In crysis i modified my settings to very high, when i started to battle the fps just collapsed. When I bring down the all the graphics to the medium level it does not help at all, even when low the fps is unusually terrible.
So please help me :( or i am going to change this card but i really do not want to change it, it is a perfect piece but i cannot use it :(
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  1. First off did you enable SLI? Second is the comp a pre build if not what is your setup in more detail like what board and such. PS is the psu getting really hot?
  2. no i never enabled sli or such thing, i just installed the driver and jumped into the game.
    it is not a pre build pc, i assembled it myself 3 years ago.
    the motherboard is INTEL DQ965GF, and no psu is ok. my chase is Feel 2 Hurricane, and samsung 200gb sata hdd.
  3. help meeeeee
  4. Hi ai'm from Romania so sorry for my english :D
    I have a GainWard 295 and have the same problem with game...
    My procesor is Core2Duo E8500 3.2Ghz, 4Gb Kingstone... and mother board is a P5E Deluxe in GTA4 i have a realy bat FPS... like 15-35-40 FPS.
    But with my last Video Card (Ati HD4870 1gb) GTA4 had an 50 FPS and no lower than 40 but with this card 295 Crysis, GTA4, work to bad (and is a really diffrent PIRCE).
    At first i was going crazy and ask evriwhere about my problem and all the answers where going to my procesor... they all say is dragging the video card DOWN because GTX295 need at least one Quad procesor overclocked at 3.7 Ghz or 4.0Ghz or an i7 processor for the video card 295 to work at full potential.
    My id is i use yahoo messenger please tell me what you did i need to resolve my problem because i not change my processor and im not shure if that is my problem...
  5. I have an i7 system OC at 3.6ghz with a GTX295. Crysis Warhead has a horrible frame rate with the latest drivers. i installed 186.18 driver and Warhead now runs a lovely 40fps average maxed out DX10 2xaa. Also had problems with Arma 2 and since installing 186.18 driver it runs lovely. In my opinion your processor may be a little underpowered for a 295 but you should still see good results.

    Tip:- Uninstall your current driver from add\remove programs, re-boot into safe mode and run driver cleaner, then re-start in windows, install 186.18 and re-boot and see if this helps. It did for me. Good luck.
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