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ı have a ddr2 533 ram 1 gb kingston and a ddr2 533 ram 512.when ı use pc wizard 2010 and cpu-z ı see ı have 1536 mgbyte ram.but when ı use dxdiag command ı see 1022 mb ram.and at sistem ı see 1.00 mb ram.ı dint understand anything.which one is right.and why at system ı didnt see the right ram quantity
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  1. pardon ı see at system 1.00 gbyte .but its wrong too
  2. today ı go to my pc seller.and they cant solve this problem.they update my bios.but its makes nothing.if ı place 1 gigabyte ram.my bios sees 512 mgbyte.if ı place 1+ 512 my bios sees 1 gigabyte ram.ı have hd 4650 1 gigabyte ddr3 agp gpu.celoron 2400 ghertz cpu.foxcon lga 775 478 pin motherboard.my ram slots are clean.and if ı change rams at different slots it makes nothing.there is not any mallfunction ı thing.
  3. thank you very much for your ansver.ı have onboard yes but.when ı get hd 4650 gpu ı think it is unable to work.ı look at bios.ı see nothing meaning about onboard get 532 ram.but is it possible if ı get an gpu but my onboard works too
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