Ram not running at speeds set in the BIOS

Im not exactly sure how long this has been happening, but I noticed it yesterday after running the windows 7 speed test and the ram did not get the score that it should. I have my CPU set at 160 QPI and the ram set at 2:10 ratio which is about 1606Mhz. But when I open up CPU-Z it says the ram is running at 1066Mhz and set to 2:8 ratio. I have to completely reset the CMOS and that only sometimes fixes it. Usually once I reset it and then set everything in the bios to stock and then set the ram to XMP Profile 1 then it will be at the correct speed which is 1600Mhz. I had it overclocked last night and had the ram running at the correct speeds but just now when I checked it again, it went back to 1066Mhz even when its set to run at 1600 in the bios. Windows also recognizes all 12 gigs of ram, so I dont think its the ram going bad. maybe a faulty ram controller?

I have also been having problems with the computer will randomly stop detecting one of my hard drives. I have plugged in my hard drives to different SATA ports and it has fixed the problem to were it doesnt occur as much, but it has happened once wince I changed the connections, and it has happened to all my hard drives, not just one hard drives, it just basically picks a hard drive and then I get a BSOD or it freezes. So im actually wondering if my MOBO is going bad

EVGA X58 Classified Mobo
12 gigs of Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR3 1600
I also have the most current BIOS
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  1. 1. Try it w/ 6 GBs and see if problem sticks.
    2. Forget XMP profile...set everything manually.
    3. Run memtest at:

    CPU Mult = 12, BCLK = 200 and mem multiplier = 8


    CPU Mult = 12, BCLK = 160 and mem multiplier = 10

    If it doesn't run overnight, memory has issues....try 6 GB first and then other 6 GB, finally 12 GB. It's not unheard of for RAM / MoBo combinations to have issues in 12 GB configs ... may have to relax timings.
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