Vertex 3 Max Iops

i just purchased vertex 3 max iops ssd. Wow is it fast updated firmware its ready to go but i did some benchmarks and was scoring only 48,000 iops .218 ms. my roomate has vertex 3 regular and is scoring in 58,000 range with .18 ms. doesnt make sense to me hes scoring higher numbers then me and i have the tab bit faster drive. both 120gb models

my pc
intel 2600 k oced to 5 ghz liquid cooled to 26 c under full load 44 c
asus p8p67 mobo original version
evga 580 gtx liquid cooled 28 c under full load 46 c
corsair 1866 cas 9
coolmaster 1200 watt psu
HAF high flow case
Vertex 3 max iops 120 gb
raptor 150 gb sata 3.0gbs
Danger den cooled custome built system
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  1. heres a old pic poor quality
  2. What controller is your friend running versus you? Example, the Marvell controllers don't seem to produce the same throughput, as the Intel RST SATA3 controller.
  3. Were both using intel. His specs are 2600k liquid, gigabyte ud7 z68 2133 r
    Gskill ripjaw x turbulense 2 , 2 580 gtx liquid both, corsair 1200 psu vertex 3
  4. My feedback would be you are seeing the possible difference with the original P67 motherboard vs the newer Z68 motherboard.
  5. Thanks i post screen shows of scores for both also good thing iam buying a new mobo sending inbmine for r3 version iam thinking buying maximus iv extreme z68 or anything u guys recommend thats better and sexier lookin. I may buy more ram and 2 mor 580s soon aswell
  6. test 1

    secound test
  7. shouldnt the write speed be higher
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