Question about my CPU Temprature?

Hello dear friends,

I have just placed my new processor AMD phenom ii x4 955 be, which is coming with its own stock cooler. I have tested this amd cooler with TempCore and Asus prob 2 (came with motherboard):
35-40 degree during normal load like having only browser open.
50-55 degree during gaming for example FSX (as a game uses a lot of CPU). Cooler became also noisy due to high rpm!!

I have also tested with my own cooler Zalman 7000 alcu led.
38-42 in idle and 56-62 degree during load. I would like to use my own cooler so because is very quiet but in zalman website fastest cpu supported is Athlon 64 X2 up to +5600.

I would like to ask in whole this tempature test, does anything looks critical?
Can I use my zalman cooler with this new 955 processor? or is not recommended?
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  1. 55C as a maximum temperature is fine. If the cooler fits and the temps max out at 62C, you'll be fine. But why not go with the lower temperatures? I'd try to stay below 65C at load.
  2. 55 under load is fine. 62 is fine too. Check that those temps are actually full load though - test with something like Prime95 for consistent results rather than gaming.
  3. Thanks for reply,

    Zalman cooler fits there but width of heatsink surface slightly shorter than width of processor so in fact there is processor surface without cooler!!! and zalman 7000 runs with bios q-fan controller maximum at 2700 rpm!!! and i think this is the main reason for higher temp!!
    Yes, you are very right about lower temprature. I am going to put back that stock cooler, a little noisy but safe!!

    Thanks for advise
    Best regards,
  4. Thank you for advise,
    Best regards
  5. Perform Prime95 stress test.That'll give a more clear idea about how much it reaches maximum...
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