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I have a pair of drives set up as striped RAID drives. Recently my computer has failed to recognize one of the drives as being connected. I swapped the connections to see if that was the cause (I'm using IDE-SATA adapters) but the same drive was unrecognized on the other connection. I assume, then, that the drive is toast, and I've lost all my data. It was a media drive, so only movies, music and photos, and I have copies/backup of everything, I think, except for some pictures, that I'd prefer not to lose. Is there any reason for hope for a way to recover the data? I'm fairly positive I know the answer, but thought I'd ask, just in case.
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    Because different segments of data are kept on different storage devices, the failure of one device causes the corruption of the full data sequence.

    RAID0 does not write sequentially, a file is written across all drives; therefore, one drive fails all data is lost. the only chance of retrieval is using a data recovery firm which cost mega bucks.

    for storing important data it is worth to spend the extra money to build a RAID1, RAID5, or RIAD10
  2. There are some options. Immediately disconnect and stop trying to use the drives. Make sure you have plenty of spare storage (at least 2x the amount of the original drive volume) Download R-Studio, . You can then hookup the hold drives, do a full drive image to the new storage and it will allow you to try to reassemble the array and read from it. Good Luck!!!
  3. Thanks, Emerald. That's the answer I expected, but hoped I was wrong, or that some new technology was available for data recovery on a budget.

    Thanks for the response, tokencode. My explanation wasn't quite clear. It's not that the computer doesn't recognize it as RAID, it doesn't see the drive at all, so I can't make an image. I'm filing away your response for further use, though, as I've run into that issue before, also.
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  5. If you're using IDE to SATA does that mean these are IDE drives connected to a SATA controller? If this is the case, double check your jumper settings. Each drive should be set to stand alone.

    Another option is if you have an identical drive and feel adventurous, try swapping the controller boards. If its not being detected at all, its most likely an electronic problem not physical.
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