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I’m half way through my computer build and I have a couple newbie questions
before I get too far along, please help if you can:

1. I’m installing a Nvidia I7 cpu, it didn’t come with thermal paste, the instructions didn’t show applying thermal paste
I read somewhere that the fan has it already applied, is that right?

2. I’m installing two Radeon HD 4890 video cards in crossfire, it said to “connect power cord” There are two power connections on the end of the card, do I just use one? Do I connect it directly to the power supply?

4. do I use both of the crossfire “ribbons” or just one?

Thanks for your help
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  1. Okay, first read the manual, you have an intel i7 CPU, the thermal paste should be preapplied to the bottom of the CPU heatsink, make sure to remove the protective plastic cover first, and make sure when you install it the push pins are locked in securely.

    Connect power to both connectors on the card. Your power supply should have enough connectors for both cards.

    Use both, it wont hurt.
  2. Reading your owners manuals will be very beneficial, but I'll answer a couple of your questions.

    1. There's no such thing as an "Nvidia I7 cpu". I'm going to assume you meant an Intel i7 CPU. If that's the case, yes the heatsink already has thermal paste applied to the bottom.

    2. You have to use both power connectors on each GPU (video card). The power cables run directly from the PSU to the GPU. You will need a total of four PCI-E power connectors to power two 4890 GPU's in crossfire.

    3. Again, the manual should explain this, but you only need one crossfire bridge to run two 4890's.

    Edit: Once again, hunter315 beat me to it! :)
  3. Thanks for both of ya'lls help.
    I have read all of the manual several times,
    I doesn't say a thing about paste for the cpu
    or how to connect power cord for the video cards.

    On my 1st build 4 years ago I had a sli and I could swear I plugged the cards into the mobo.

    Anyways, thanks again
  4. 4 years ago, video cards did not generally pull 100 - 200 watts each.
  5. Older cards didnt used to draw enough power to require a separate connection to the power supply, however in the pursuit of more graphics horsepower power consumption had to go up.
  6. Okay thanks, just didn't want to fry my card
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