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I'm upgrading from a 8800 gts to a gtx285. I have a pfw dh deluxe motherboard, and an ocz 600w power supply with 2 pci-e connectors. I thought about keeping the 8800 gts in there for the physx capabilities. Will I be able to do that with this setup? Thanks.
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    How does PhysX work with SLI and multi-GPU configurations?
    When two, three, or four matched GPUs are working in SLI, PhysX runs on one GPU, while graphics rendering runs on all GPUs. The NVIDIA drivers optimize the available resources across all GPUs to balance PhysX computation and graphics rendering. Therefore users can expect much higher frame rates and a better overall experience with SLI.

    A new configuration that’s now possible with PhysX is 2 non-matched (heterogeneous) GPUs. In this configuration, one GPU renders graphics (typically the more powerful GPU) while the second GPU is completely dedicated to PhysX. By offloading PhysX to a dedicated GPU, users will experience smoother gaming.

    Finally we can put the above two configurations all into 1 PC! This would be SLI plus a dedicated PhysX GPU. Similarly to the 2 heterogeneous GPU case, graphics rendering takes place in the GPUs now connected in SLI while the non-matched GPU is dedicated to PhysX computation.

    Though I haven't seen such a setup yet in action, or seen the real value of an addon Physx card.
  2. amnotanoobie said:

    Though I haven't seen such a setup yet in action, or seen the real value of an addon Physx card.

    Yeah, I don't think there is much advantage to the physx, other than feeling like I'm getting some use out of the old card. I know darkest of days has some cool effects, and mirrors edge, and maybe some more in the future.

    My concern is the fact that I don't think my mobo supports SLI, so I wonder if it supports this feature of using a second card for physx. And will my power supply be able to handle it.
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    You shouldn't need an SLi board, just two PCIe slots.
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