I own a HP Firebird. I was wondering if there was a way to unlock the BIOS or overclock the CPU with either software or through the bios?
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  1. Softwares arent that good they will freeze your pc.
    If you cant use BIOS that means you either need to update the BIOS or its a so called 'fake' illegal version of BIOS which you can encounter by buying it from a person not a company....
  2. No, you cannot overclock on your HP Firebird. You are using an OEM PC, therefore the BIOS is locked when it comes to modifying your CPU's frequency.
  3. "AbdullahG" gave you the correct response. The ONLY way around this is to buy a new M/BD that will work with your CPU, Ram and GPU assuming your CPU can be OCed in the first place. :)
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