New ma790xt-ud4p build problems

Ok, I am new here and so i hope this is the right place to list my issues.

I built my new rig on Friday and started having problems pretty much right from the get go. I dont know exactly where to start so i will just list all my components and then state my problems and the troubleshooting steps i have taken so far. This is my second build but my first one went surprisingly smooth with few issues so i am new to troubleshooting at this depth.


Gigabyte ma790xt-udp4
AMD phenomx4 955
gskill 2x2gb dd3@1333 8-8-8-21
EVGA Geforce 1GB DD3 9800GT
Antec 550w power supply
WD Caviar 750GB HDD
Lian-Li Lancool K-62

So i started out installing Windows7 right after my build and then i installed all drivers on the disks provided to me by the manufacturers. Everything was going fine. Windows7 was up and running and i installed all the windows updates as well as the display driver recommended to me by windows7. However I began to notice one small issue right around the time I got windows7 up and running. The task manager would never respond. I kept trying to check on the norton process but i never could. The task manager would always fail to respond and I could not close it or end the task. Eventually windows explorer would stop responding and i would be forced to restart. Granted, I shouldve dealt with this right away but it was just a minor issue to me at the time. I could run games just fine etc etc. AS time went on however, I began to get more errors and random blue screens. At first they indicated hardware or driver issues. I immediately checked all my connections in the case and went to update drivers. This is when i noticed my hard drive had issues. I would download a driver update but the data would come up corrupted and i could never install anything i downloaded. Then the same thing happened in Counter Strike: Source. Map files began becoming corrupted and disappearing and i couldnt simply delete them and redownload them.

It was at this point i thought i had a bad hard drive so I took the new one out with windows 7 and reinstalled my old drive (a 5 year old WD-Raptor with windows xp already on it). I figured if my issues were with windows7 or my hard drive this would solve it. However the issues kept happening. I continued to get random different blue screens (most went away too fast for me to read because of the restart). Also now my bit defender keeps bugging out and my firefox keeps shutting down in the middle of things and i continue to get windows errors.

My next idea was the memory so upon investigation i noticed my mobo set the timings different from what the box said. My memory is rated for 8-8-8-21@1333 but my mobos default setting was 9-9-9-24@1333. I went into bios and set timings to 8-8-8-21. I noticed some increase in stability as expected but the errors and blue screens kept coming.

So now i am stuck. I am thinking something is wrong with a chipset driver or a sata driver because nothing can seem to get onto my hard drive (either one) without being corrupted. However as i dont know what exact steps to take i decided to come here and run it by the pros. I apologize for not giving you guys a ton to work with. I am trying to record as many blue screens as i can but my comp resets too fast. Thanks for the help.
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  1. If you want to get the error code, go to Start/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Settings and uncheck :Automatically Restart", then click "OK".

    You can then post the error code for further help.
  2. You don't mention the board initialization; did you do the (requisite) "Load Optimized Defaults" from the BIOS before attempting to install the OS? Gots to be done! The 'Load Defaults' functions run a chunk of code in the BIOS that 'queries' the hardware on the MOBO, and then sets the myriad 'auto' parameters that you see when you look in the BIOS; until these get set, the board is half brain-dead! The difference between the two is that "Load Optimized" looks at the 'fast end' of the RAM's SPD tables to set itself, sets all its bus latencies optimistically low and fast, and tries to 'get cookin'! "Load FailSafe" looks at the 'slow end' of the SPD, and pessimistically sets all its bus latencies high and slow, in an effort to 'run no matter what the hell we're hooked up to...'
  3. no bilbat i missed that step. guess ill format and try again and get back at you guys.

    and thanks cmichael that will help me in the future
  4. Make sure to set the correct voltage for your RAM. You can run Memtest on it to check the RAM for errors.
  5. Alright well i formatted my newer hard drive and set the bios to optimized defaults and then tried to reinstall windows7. however i cant install now because the files that were copied from cd-rom to hard drive were corrupted somehow. as soon as i figure out how to boot again with one hard drive or the other ill begin testing the memory, but in the meantime did i screw up my hard drive in the beginning by not setting my bios correctly?

    some other theories, could my cd-rom somehow be conflicting with my hard drive? the cd-rom drive is the master on ide channel zero, my sata hard drive is master on ide channel 2 or 3 depending on what sata port i use. any chance this could be an issue?

    i really thought my mobo just automatically detected these things but now i know. hope i didnt ruin any of my parts.
  6. WD has a Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for their drives available here:
    Should allow you to check or reformat your drive...

    the cd-rom drive is the master on ide channel zero, my sata hard drive is master on ide channel 2 or 3 depending on what sata port i use. any chance this could be an issue?

    Not a problem - the 'master/slave' info displayed is more or less a 'vestige' produced by the method of providing backward compatibility with IDE to the newer SATA drives - it means nothing at all...
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