Remove drivers for same series card?

I know this is probably a really stupid question but I have to ask because it keeps nagging me. I know that if you are going to upgrade your video card you should remove all previous drivers before you install the new one, my question is does that still apply if you are going from two cards from the same manufacture, of the same series? I am going from a Sapphire 4830 to a Sapphire 4870 Toxic, do I still need to change it up? I appreciate the help on a question that is making me feel pretty dumb.
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  1. Hmm,while you are correct that the MAIN drivers are the same ,I think that there are secondary utilities that are specific to each card,for more exact identification and probably timing,anyhooo better safe than sorry,BTW there are no dumb questions where computers are concerned , we all had to take that first step..:)
  2. Yes i would remove and install new drivers every time.

  3. +1^
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