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For some reason whenever I put my computer into sleep mode for longer than what seems about an hour, upon turning on, my display completely wacks out and restarts the whole system about 15 seconds after. I then receive the error message saying that my system has recovered from a serious error.

This problem occurred after buying a new processor, memory and motherboard

I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and the motherboard is a ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO.

any possible answers would be very helpful!
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  1. I am reminded of the ST:TNG episode titled "Brothers" where Dr. Crusher is talking to the dying boy. She tells him the story of the guy who goes to the doctor complaining that it hurts whenever he raises his arm. The doctor says, "then don't raise your arm." I personally have never got Sleep mode to work properly on a desktop. It always goes to sleep ok, but it never seems to wake up correctly. My advice? Stop trying to raise your arm.
  2. that may be my best bet..however I like my components to work flawlessly when purchased brand new, so i'll continue to look for answers, but probably won't break a sweat over it. Thanks for ur input though:)

    anyone elses feedback is much appreciated!
  3. Your problem looks identical to a problem with the hibernate file. After how many minutes is your system scheduled to hibernate after you put it to sleep? Here is the solution for the hibernate file:
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