Windows XP Home-Pro, DLL\'s are failing, components arent being found

I work in a local computer store, and something i've noticed alot in the last 2 weeks.

I'm not sure if its something going around in the e-mail here but i've had literally 30 computers in the last 2 weeks with failing DLL's, windows being unable to locate components, tokens not being found blah blah, all these red errors to do with the DLL and the registry.

Repair installing windows seems to fix it, but not always

Anyone else seen this and know of a complete solution, or what causes it?
Caleb Gillett
SMBT Computing
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  1. Just a thought - XP has been around so long that many of the millions of HDDs are failing from long use. A couple of bad sectors and XP may not boot or may not find installed hardware (the .dlls), it just depends on the files that were in the failed sectors.
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