IBT Fail 2500k 8GB ram No BSOD

Hi, I currently have a 2500k @4.5GHz.

The settings i had before worked fine, using offset voltages and speedstep using IBT.

BUT... at idle the voltage would drop and case BSOD, so i disabled c3 and c6.

Now when i run IBT i do not get a BSOD but it consistently fails IBT at maximum memory , but does not give me a BSOD.

Could this be a ram voltage problem as i am using 8GB? i have used 1.5v and auto. I am now going to try 1.55v, is this too high?
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  1. Ok changing the RAM voltage to 1.55v seems to fix the issue, are there any issues with degrading memory controller at this higher voltage?
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