T-bird amd k7 mobo???

So i went into my basement today and went through some boxes and found an old dinasoar computer. I plugged it in, turned it on and it booted normal and fine. I also opened the case up and looked at the motherboard and gfx card. the mobo actually doesnt have anything i can identify it by exept "T-bird amd k7" on the gold heatsink in the middle of the board. The gfx card also doesnt have anything to identify it by exept for a tiny hidden nvidia logo on it. Heres the comps specs:

"T-bird amd k7"
amd (something something something) 700mhz. i didnt pay attention to processor info exept clock speed.
128mb ram (i did pop this out once and reinserted it)
nvidia gfx
old cd drive
no floppy
power supply is hidden, can't tell watts or anything.

Ok my main problem: So before i touched the guts of the computer, i booted it up into the bios but then i turned it off (did not make any changes to the bios) and took out the stick of ram and the gfx card. now when i plug it in, it does not recognize my moniter at all! this mobo has an onboard gfx as well and iv tryed both but i just can't seem to get any damn signal on my moniter. My moniter is working fine, because my main machine uses it (im on it right now)

I need some help. I was planning on fixing this up and selling it on craigslist. I could use the money and i don't wanna through it away! any help is apreciated
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  1. i should also add that i was going to install windows xp but i didnt relize it didnt have a hard drive in it. It was a legit legal windows xp copy and i popped it in and turned it on but THAT was when i relize i couldnt get my moniter to work with it.
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